Cycle Of Power: Animal Totems

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I have always been fascinated with the animal kingdom. As a child my father would take me into the forest where I was asked to listen to the sounds that nature held. When I heard a sound I was told to take on its characteristics and mimic it in some way. I perceived this exercise as a childhood game. Over time, I began to discover similar characteristics within myself. My strengths and weaknesses were revealed as I embraced the teachings the animals shared.

Native cultures around the world respect the power and wisdom that animals hold. Tribal rituals are preformed in honor of earth and all that inhabit her. Shamans use specific animal movements, sounds and feathers to aid in healing.

Each characteristic an animal embodies is a reflection of our self in some way. They assist the spiritual seeker in self-exploration. From Giraffes futuristic vision, daring and fearless Kookaburra, Swans grace and beauty, to the Horses speed and power, totems introduce us to the mysteries of our psyche and the journey of our soul.

Animals serve as a bridge between heaven and earth, the known and the unknown. They understand both worlds and hold the secrets of creation. They have keen senses and respond to their inner instincts. They live in harmony with mother earth and father sky and teach us how to do the same.

When a totem appears in our life a gift is being presented. If the animal is injured it might reflect dis-ease within our self. If strong and healthy lessons associated with power and its correct use are common. By embracing the energies of our personal totems we experience the earth walk in a balanced way.

Powerful spiritual allies, teachers and friends, totems can be categorized in four groups.

The Life Totem: The Journey Totem: The Message Totem: The Shadow Totem.

The Life totem is an animal that stays with us throughout our life. Its power increases our own. Its attributes are similar to our own and reflect the life lessons and opportunities that the soul will experience.

The Journey totem is one that enters our life during a specific time frame. It helps us resolve difficult situations.

A Message totem appears unexpectedly in our life. It carries a message, gift or blessing. Message totems are those that are uncommon in our immediate surroundings and appear and disappear suddenly.

A Shadow totem is one that tests us by making us work through our fears. They are animals that we dont like or have an aversion to. They appear in our lives when fear is present.

As we work with our totems and the teachings they share our spiritual wisdom increases. This wisdom is the ingredient needed for mankind to live an enriched and peaceful life