What are Animal Totems – Power Animals – Spirit Animals – Animal Spirit Guides? And why are they important?

Totem animals – power animals – spirit animals – animal spirit guides – have been around since recorded history, and probably before – and – unlike some spirit guides – not angels or ascended masters – but some others – I’ve never heard of an animal spirit guide with their own agenda.

Do you feel something is missing in your life? That – no matter how busy or financially successful you may be – you’re not doing what you’re really meant to do?

From earliest times, traditional people have worked with animal totem or power animal “medicine” to help them discover and follow their true heart path.

Do you move from a center of personal power and integrity, or do you often feel used by others? When you think about your life, do you feel fulfilled? Or, do you feel like you’re simply putting in your time?

For thousands of years, traditional people have depended on totem animals and power animal helpers for inner strength, wisdom and guidance.

Would you like to learn how to work with this same animal totem magic to create a richer, fuller, more meaningful life for yourself?

Learn The Secrets Of Working With A Power Animal

Have you heard about animal totems, spirits, helpers or seen animal totem pictures and wondered if and how you could get a totem animal or power animal of your own?

Do you wish you could have a connection with totem animals in dreams? Are you curious about the relationship of power animals and spirituality?

Different animal totems have different skills and abilities. The world-famous western psychologist, Carl Jung, believed that everyone is born with at least one power animal and that having a personal relationship with it can help you live a healthier, richer life.

Have you ever felt yourself drawn to a particular animal, bird, insect, sea or desert creature without knowing exactly why?

Indigenous people would say the reason you feel drawn to a particular animal in life is because it is your totem animal. It’s calling you to it through your interests, your fascinations, your talents.

For example, do people think of you as a natural-born leader? Maybe Mountain Lion animal spirit totem is trying to reach you.

Do you love to dance? Perhaps Whale animal totem is helping guide your steps.

Are issues of justice and fairness important to you? Crow animal totem may want to work with you.

Are you drawn to the healing arts? It may be that Badger animal totem is speaking to you.

Just because you’re interested in a certain animal, though, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s your animal totem or power animal. To the contrary, traditional people say that you can never choose a power animal for yourself.

A real animal totem chooses you. What you can do is follow some simple steps and techniques to make yourself available so your totem animal can find you.

Do you think you already know what your animal totem is? Are you sure? To establish a truly meaningful, ongoing relationship with a power animal, you also need to know exactly what to do to keep it in your life.

See How to Find your Spirit Animal

Shamanism And Animal Totems

In studying with tribal elders and shamans around the world for many years, we have learned a lot about what it really means to have a totem animal in your life. And we know that much of the information that’s passed around in Western culture about animal totems is overly simplistic, inaccurate or just plain wrong.

If you’re truly interested in knowing more about your animal totem and how to access its gifts and power for yourself, you need to have the right tools.

That’s why we have created Animal Totems Section.

But how do you know if an animal has particular meaning for you?

Most importantly, you need to start by believing that everything has significance. Realize and accept that the animal has caught your attention for a reason. Maybe it has a specific message only you will understand. Maybe it’s a clue to solving a particular problem, or points to a particular way of acting. Maybe the animal has a quality that you need to either use or develop.

We have encounters with animals all the time, so how do we know it is significant? Especially look for any unusual behavior on the part of the animal. Also, if the animal has special significance, it will usually show up more than once. Let’s say Mouse crosses your path face-to face, then Mouse shows up in your dreams, then you turn on the TV and Micky Mouse is on, and you change the channel and there is a commercial on for mouse traps. It’s a pretty good guess that you should be paying close attention to Mouse and it’s lessons.

Animal totems show up in our lives to teach us life lessons. Allow us to interpret the meanings for you and help you understand the lessons you are meant to learn.

Animal Totem List

Here is a list of animal guides & animal totems, and a description of each animal totem’s medicine. It is called ‘medicine’ because it is something that can help heal you on your life journey & spiritual path.
Animal totems are also referred to as animal spirit guides. The main difference between animal totems and animal spirit guides is that your animal totem is the animal that most represents who you are and is the biggest part of you overall. There are many articles about animal totems online, including the one we have here, but please use caution and always trust your own feelings about your animal totems and animal guides. Animal totems are a very personal thing and sacred spiritual beings. We hope that you can learn a little bit about each animal totem listed below. If you have any questions about animal totems please feel free to email us and we will do our best to answer your questions and give you any personal help with your animal totems that you need.

Bear Totem

Bears as totems represent our ability to go within and bring out our inner strengths, showing the world what we are made of. Bears hibernate during winter, as humans slow down during winter months and tend to hibernate indoors. This is a perfect opportunity to reflect on ourselves and work on any improvements that need to be made in our personal and spiritual lives. Bring the power of the bear with you and bear will help you to come free from hibernation and let your spirit shine. Bears represent our ability to go within and bring out our inner strengths, showing the world what we are made of. Bears hibernate during winter, as humans slow down during winter months and tend to hibernate indoors. This is a perfect opportunity to reflect on ourselves and work on any improvements that need to be made in our personal and spiritual lives. Bring the power of the bear with you and bear will help you to come free from hibernation and let your spirit shine.
If you are looking for bear totem jewelry, you can view our handmade bear totem jewelry that we have.

Buffalo Totem

Buffalos as totems are symbols of abundance and manifestation. Buffalo as an animal totem teaches us that if we do the right things in our actions, we will be rewarded with abundance. Similar to the saying “God helps those who help themselves”. Buffalos are sacred to the Plains Indians, supplying them with many things like food and their hides for keeping warm. Buffalos follow the easiest path and can show you that if you follow a certain pattern in your life, things do not have to be difficult. They also show us that things happen in their own time, and we should go about our lives and allow natural happenings to occur, rather than to force them. If you are interested in Buffalo totem earrings you can view our handmade Buffalo Totem Sterling Silver Earrings

Cougar Totem

Cougar as an animal totem symbolizes leadership, independence, and coming into your own power. Cougar’s cycle of power occurs all year long, and is one of the fastest and most powerful of animals. If cougar has shown up in your life as a guide or totem, it is time for you to learn about your own power. Cougar as a totem can help you to assert yourself even when others do not want you to. Deer are one of cougar`s favorite animals to prey on, and you should study the deer as well if cougar is your totem. Deers symbolize gentleness,and this can help you to use your power assertively, but with gentleness at the same time. View our handmade Cougar Totem Earrings

Deer Totem

Deer as an animal totem reflects gentleness and the ability to remain alert. Deer has a great sense of hearing which keeps them alert to their surroundings at all times. They are very gentle animals yet they can be assertive if they have to be. If deer has come into your life it is time to look at how aware you are of your surroundings, and if you need to be more gentle in your ways with those around you. If you have deer as a totem then you need to read about cougar totem medicine, to remain in balance. See our handmade Deer Totem Earrings

Eagle Totem

Eagles are considered to be sacred to many American Indian tribes. They live on Mother Earth as well as Father Sky, and are messengers to Great Spirit and a link to the Spirit world. Eagles have very keen eyesight and this helps them enormously when they are hunting their prey. Quick in flight and capture, Eagles represent power and strength. Eagle feathers are considered to be sacred and are used in many ceremonies and rituals and also in smudging for fanning the smoke. If eagle has come into your life there will be messages to follow as well as a new cycle of growth and enlightenment. Here are some of our handmade Eagle Totem Earrings

Frog Totem

Frog as an animal totem symbolizes the connection to water, which stands for emotions,spirit, and creative energies. Frogs bring forth the rains and help to make Mother Earth fertile for growing of plants, trees, and vegetation. If frog has come into your life you should ask yourself whether you are getting bogged down in your emotions or if you are using them to your advantage. Many people with frog totems do well working with others who are having difficulties in their own lives with emotional problems. See our cute handmade Frog totem earrings.

Otter Totem

Most of us have seen an otter bouncing and playing about in the water and sometime or another. Watching them swim and play around brings a smile to our face and happiness in our hearts, warming our spirits and making us laugh. Otters spend roughly 99% of their time in the water, building their homes in and around the water as well. During the summer months they will rarely venture out onto the land at all. Water is symbolic of the creative process, emotions and the feminine energies of love and nurturing. Female otters like to raise their young alone and will actually keep the male father otter away from their young until their young are older and old enough to go out on their own.
The strong bond they have with their offspring and the way they raise them is significant of just how powerful the nurturing energies are and can anyone who has otter as a totem how to apply these energies to their own lives. Are you overly nurturing, maybe suffocating your children or loved-ones? Perhaps you need to look at how you interact with others around you and apply a more nurturing or loving attitude towards them.

Hummingbird Totem

The hummingbird’s cycle of power is during the daytime, and they are symbolic of joy and accomplishing those things which we thought were impossible. If you have hummingbird as your animal totem, they can show you how to do these things and more. Hummingbirds are one of the smallest birds but interestingly enough, also some of the most talked about birds. Hummingbirds are the ONLY bird that can fly in all directions- forward, backwards and sideways. It can also hover and make it appear to be seemingly effortless. This is symbolic of being able to explore the past while finding joy in it, at the same time being able to blend those things with the future. Those with hummingbirds as totems should also take note of how to grab joy while you can, never wasting a moment’s time but living in the moment and all it has to bring you.

Dolphin Totem

Dolphins live in water but are known as mammals and not fish. Their main cycle of power is year round, and they symbolize breath, sound, and communication.
Water is a creative life force that can help us with our emotions, passions, spirituality and creativity. Many myths surround the sea and many forces inhabit the sea. Dolphins carry with them the force to communicate with sounds, both with other dolphins, sea creatures and people. They use sonar for their communications and to understand sounds that they pick up on in the water.
Dolphins are rythymic mammals both in their actions and in the way they breathe. If you have ever seen dolphins in the water or at play, I am sure that you will agree that the rhythms they use while swimming are amazingly beautiful, like a well-planned orchestra of music.
Their breathing is well-controlled and learning from how they breathe can be beneficial to those who have breathing problems. Breath, like sound, is considered sacred in many religions. Using your breath properly can enhance your quality of life as well as heal your body, mind and spirit. We need to allow the breath to come naturally while at the same time be aware of our breath’s rhythms.

Dolphins can help us to get back the rhythm of our breathing and our lives. Take clues from the dolphin on how to communicate effectively with others. Use the power of the dolphin to enhance your inner-self and bring it to the surface.

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