Peacock Key Messages: Rebirth, Karma and Past Life Connections, Embodying all the parts of yourself with pride and self love.

Peacock Affirmation: I embrace all of the beauty within me.

Peacock Animal Totem Symbolism

Peacock is one of the brightest and most expressive birds in nature. The peacock is best known for its regal beauty and tendency to strut proudly exposing its bright plumage. One of the key lessons that peacock has to teach us is to find comfort in standing out and embracing our differences. You will notice that the peacock doesn’t need to be surrounded by other peacocks to proudly expose its bright feathers. It opens its feathers to all who are around, embraces its differentness and waits to be admired as it takes slow and measured steps. Therein lays one of the key lessons of the peacock, learning to open yourself to others and trust that they will love you exactly as you are.

In Greek Mythology, Argus, a watchman for the goddess Hera, had one hundred eyes. When he fell asleep during his duty and was killed, Hera placed his eyes in the peacock; her favorite bird. Because of its many eyes (the shapes on its feathers) it is also often associated with vision and wisdom so perhaps the peacock has also come into your life to ask you to look at things from different angles and study the situation that has presented itself through new eyes.

Symbolic Meaning Of Peacock

In traditional shamanic lore, peacock is linked to the phoenex a mythological bird that sacrificed itself to the fire and rose from its own ashes. Fire in shamanism represents the power of transformation; meaning the peacock sacrificed itself to rebirth and change and emerged victoriously. Because of its connection with rebirth it has come to symbolize reincarnation and the soul’s journey through all of our lifetimes. It heralds a time of death and rebirth.

Death can come in many forms and in shamanism is seen simply as one of life’s cycles. Throughout our lives as we engage in transformation; parts of ourselves and stages of our lives are constantly in states of death, transformation, growth and rebirth. The capacity of the phoenix to come through this unharmed symbolizes our strength to constantly change and be reborn anew. When the phoenix comes into your life it heralds a time of rebirth and change. The phoenix often makes its presence known when you are standing in darkness and dawn has not broken the horizon, it comes to tell you that the sun will come out soon and that night never lasts forever.