Hawk Animal Totem Symbolism

Being native to the moving Spirit of Hawk you decry all that is petty. You know the changing face of man, and you know of mans’ weaknesses. You are intelligent, probably gifted, and you will no doubt soar to heights that few have dared hoped for or even envisioned. You are gifted in vision, graceful in action and expedient in all things. You must do your best, and you refuse to accept less from anyone else. You have no doubt that the purpose of life is to experience it, learn from it and grow.

Your eyes bore through most, and you seldom miss seeing the weight of the soul or as far as that goes, anything else. You are not merciful, tolerant, compassionate, sympathetic or loving most of the time. You are a hard worker and are loyal, steadfast, responsible, protective and at times even too attentive. You may seem fanatical or too intense for some.

You know this is the world of Darwin, and you refuse to allow anyone the power to control or harm you. This makes you a fierce warrior, activating your survival instincts, and in most situations has you turn and attack. You are at the very least intense, and a fierce competitor that will brook no opposition, interference, or compromises in your beliefs or actions.

Quite frankly, you are not the easiest person to deal with. Your breadth of mind is incredible, and your vision is impeccable. You are an “enlightened one”, a Zen master, a judge, a doctor or professor that is guide, mentor or prophet to all. O, if you were but to get an education and consciously cultivate compassion, mercy, objectivity…

The Sprit of Hawk in Business relates to a time when planning, doing your research, and efficient execution of duties pays off. You will be more focused on any task, but may resent anyone interrupting your “flow”. It is a time when you need a little extra patience, tolerance and the ability to “bite thy tongue”. You may have reached a peak in your business, or investment cycle and must be able to move fast if it looks like your going to take a hit or momentum falters.

Colleagues or others will seek you out to help them with their problems and you need to make sure that you won’t be sidetracked by their interruptions. There may be actual resentment towards anyone who may be vying for your time. Delegate authority and responsibility to aids, assign them function and then back off. This is primarily a time of contemplation, with no action taken unless you’re clear, very, very clear. Double check your course, deign to solicit others opinions and you may find a new niche, application, vendor or account.

Your vision will range from exceptional to being seriously flawed all in the space of moments. This is especially so if trouble has been brewing on the home front. . This often is a time of decision making or crisis intervention.

Government, federal, state, or local authorities could be dealt with in some manner. Things may seem anti-climatic after the first rush of success, reinforcing the idea that it is the journey that counts, not the destination.

Being in the Spirit of Hawk tells of a time when you may be feeling particularly vulnerable. Often this time signifies separation, both mental and physical. Envy, jealousy, impatience or an out-of-control critic, judge or perfectionist side of your nature usually kicks in during the cycle of the hawk. Simply said, there is too much energy in the mind, body and soul to be able to withstand the harsh auspices of this stern and aloof spirit.

The Hawk is a harbinger of stark realities, and there is no place to hide from its scrutiny or tutelage. Much effort must be extended to assure optimal use of the visions and awareness that come from this time. You must be vigilant of mind and in heart if you are to escape unscathed.

There is no doubt problems in your relationship will be examined. You won’t be able to miss them. Currently, you or your partner have “attack” thoughts. The Hawk Spirit is a messenger of life, hope and renewal as long as you refrain from hiding or attacking each other. Protect yourself, cause no harm and show some compassion and mercy. You are both being called to exhibit the highest discipline, patience and tolerance and both of you need to maintain the highest level of respect and decorum you can muster.

It is always easier to destroy than to build, and it will take great self control not to hurt or destroy your world and that which you love. The choice has been set before you; “Choose thou this day.”

If this is a new relationship stay guarded until the person shows whether or not they have cultivated consideration, respect, and manners.

Stay out of states of denial about what you think or feel. It’s O.K. to feel scared, excited, passionate, angry and kind. Keep your mind on your breathing and watch your tensions, fears and uncertainty pass.


Past: How well did you handled a recent opportunity that flew across your path. Trusting and learning about your impeccable perception and broad vision has been part of what you should have learned. Your soaring highs to the diving depths lows in search your answers has left you incredibly skilled and adroit. You’ve learned of life, and it hasn’t been particularly pretty.

Present: Awareness and Clairsentience is your current gifting of Spirit. That is as long as you don’t shut down or distrust your powers of observation. See what is in front of you. Don’t turn away. Embrace it, Learn from it. More importantly grow from it. You’ll soon see there is always more than meets the eye.

Use the Hawk medicine of distant vision, planning and goal setting to seize new opportunities and guide you to your goal. Life may be running at a faster pace than usual. Emotional coloring and lack of compassion or mercy may cloud your judgment. Pay attention.

Future: Hawk medicine can bestow you with the keenest of eyes and visions. There is a message and lesson coming. The message will be personal and also applicable to the collective group. You may be asked to speak up and out about something you see, feel or believe in. There should be moments of intercession on behalf of a loved one or even a total stranger. You have grown into a visionary guardian and protector whether you like it or not.

Pay attention. Do not turn away, whatever the situation, call it as you see it. Hawk medicine will awaken your inner sight and, in end, give you the gift of understanding and clarity. You will be inspired into a greater creative life design. This medicine holds the key to higher consciousness. Hawk, also, is connected to the planet Mercury. You may want to see what is going on with Mercury in your astrological chart.