Key Messages: The magic of camouflage, shapeshifting and invisibility

Affirmation: I adapt effortlessly to my environment

Fox Animal Totem Symbolism

There is a long history of magic associated with the fox. It lives in the border lands between the forest and the meadow. It is adept to living in the fringes and adapting to the world around it. The key message of the fox is to teach us that there is power in not always being seen. There is power in surveying your environment and choosing carefully how and when you step out into the world.

Fox can teach you the power of a glimmer, how to be seen without really being seen. How to adapt to your environment and which parts of yourself you should reveal at what times. Sometimes there is more power in being of the crowd than in front of it, it allows you to understand the energy and the dynamic around you. To be a leader you must understand those who follow you and in order to do so you must stand amongst them and yet it is not your job to become one of them. You must learn the delicate balance of being in both worlds at once yet maintaining your own integrity and truth.

Fox is a particularly powerful totem if you are about to enter a new group of people (a family, work environment or circle of friends) it teaches you to adapt to those around you undetected as an outsider without losing yourself.

Symbolic Meaning Of Fox

Fox can also teach you how to change your energy field and aura by adjusting it’s intensity and frequency so that you are more in harmony with those around you. If you feel like an outside in a group a fox can be an excellent totem to call upon; both to learn the group dynamics and adapt to them.

Although, it is vital that you ask yourself “if I feel like I don’t fit in, do I really belong here at all….or is the universe pushing me away from a situation that no longer serves me?”

Fox can help you adapt but there are some places we belong and some we do not; don’t try to push yourself into a role that doesn’t fit you. That doesn’t honour you or the people around you.