Eagle Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Eagle Totem Key Messages: Trust in spirit. Embodiment of the higher self. Learning to see the big picture and the interconnection in your life. Learning to work in a quantum state. Awakening to spiritual love and wisdom.

Affirmation: I am loved deeply by spirit and I am connected to everyone and everything.

Eagle Animal Totem Symbolism

Eagles are brilliant hunters. They are able to easily find what the need from the land and spend comparatively little time sourcing food. The rest of their time is spent high above the earth soaring through the winds and studying, with their phenomenal eyesight, the lands below. They have a strong masculine regal presence and if you study them either in flight or grounded you will notice that their muscles are elongated creating a dynamic aura of confidence and elegance. Eagles also typically mate for life, they choose their mates quite carefully and barring impotence stay with their partner until death.

Eagles have many lessons to teach us. If we look at the balance between the time they spend on the earth fulfilling their physical needs and the time that they spend flying high above the earth riding the winds of life. You will see that they teach us how to be embodied in our lives, take care of our earthly needs efficiently and trustingly, and then allow ourselves to raise above our earthly experiences and see the big picture. Thus they are a great totem to work with if you find that you are someone who struggles with getting caught up in the chaos and drama of life.

Eagles mate for life, they choose a partner carefully. Studying them in detail then make a conscious choice and stick with that commitment. As a result they teach us to walk into love with an open heart, letting spirit lead the way and then choose to really commit yourself to a partner. They show us that soul mate relationships are worth holding onto, and that even when things get rough we can fly above the drama and make conscious choices about holding on through the storms. They highlight the difference between a soul mate relationship that is worth working for and a relationship that has been entered into because of fear of aloneness or the need for validation.

Symbolic Meaning Of Eagle

Eagles teach us to see the big picture in life events. They are able to fly high above the world and see below with astounding detail and if you choose to work with this totem you will be able to do the same. They show us the interconnectedness of life’s experiences. We often look at relationships and our challenges and adversities as things that have been thrust upon us and we cast ourselves in the role of victim in our life. Eagle totem allows us to see our role in creating our lives and enables us to see the gifts in our adversity; the lessons that we learned and the opportunities that came as a result. Although eagle feels very much like the totem of the solitary practitioner or the loner this totem can also see how we relate to the big picture, it can teach us to see other peoples perspective and to view our lives through many different lenses.

Lastly, eagle teaches us confidence and leadership. As mentioned earlier eagle can seem like a very solitary totem and if this is your primary totem, and you haven’t yet found your soul-mate, you can feel very isolated. Eagle teaches us how to be embodied and strong in ourselves without any outside validation. It teaches us how to be confident in who we are and how to accept the responsibility of leadership with grace.