Antelope Animal Totem Symbolism

Being native to the moving Spirit of Antelope, you are lithe in body and mind. You are grace personified and love activity, motion and freedom. Many consider you harmless and they place their faith, trust and affection upon you. You must develop the power to focus and concentrate. Those that know you not may think you have an attention deficit disorder. In spirit the antelope represents the bounding gait of enthusiasm and excitement that occurs when we instinctually know, recognize and embrace the harmony of body, mind and soul. So, as the antelope leaps suspended in a moment of perfect being, instinct, and life, so do we.

The antelope is the life and spirit that has the little girl jump up and down while waiting for her ice cream. The child jumping upon their bed, the musician raising his shoulders or standing on his tip toes as he sings or plays, is it’s Spirit. A musician or singer when they raise and extends their arms upward and outward as they hit a high note has been “possessed” by this spirit.

The athlete that jumps into the air in triumph or the thousands of bodies that suddenly stand yelling, enjoying the success of their team or a well made play is its spirit. The person that has heard good news becomes enthused, and stands. The leaping arch of the ballet star, or the stretch on tiptoe as she extends her self shows the antelopes presence. Every man woman or child that has jumped to see how high they can, or those that have played hop scotch, basketball, broad jump, gymnastics, dance or the martial arts know the spirit of the antelope.

The Sprit of Hawk in business shows that you are admired for your ability to get around and see the big picture. Productivity may fall if you keep jumping around or try to make people “hop in circles.” Spending a little time acknowledging employees and fellow workers may be more productive than group meetings.

There are new contacts, districts, towns and people to explore. The antelope will be active for those in marketing, transportation, or those that need to commute or have route sales.

The antelope is active in the realms of education, supplies, inventory control, secretaries, communications and dispatchers. Be quite as you gather your information for research and development. There will be new contacts, suppliers and resource exploration vying for your attention. Take time to overview or plan for your business. Do not become sidetracked at your favorite watering hole.

In love the Antelope totem is representative of openness and expressiveness in relationships. There is need to allow space for your partner to be who they are, not who you want them to be. People need to feel they have the freedom to come and go as they please. When you are in a relationship it is thoughtful, responsible and considerate to keep them apprised of change of plans or decisions.

You should be able to clear up a lot of personal tasks or issues involving. Specific chores and plans that you both have made. One of the languages of love is listening. Do it. When having a discussion to effect changes, stay with a previously agreed upon topic instead of jumping around. There may be thoughts of running away or even eloping.

The antelope totem particuarly defines the involution and union of the sky/mind/air, lower mind/earth/body, and the astral/mental/buddhic planes. The skin and hair define the boundaries of the inner life and the emergence (hair) of those qualities found within. The antelope skin has been prized for those who wish to be insulated from the vibrations of the outside world. It has been said that the skin defines the difference between the outer and inner realities. All skins, when touching the body becomes a psychic baffle room, and becomes an oasis in in the realms heart, mind, and soul. The skin offers a portal into other realms of consciousness and “dreamtime” while simultaneously providing the psyche protection.