Ant Animal Totem Symbolism

Being native to the moving Spirit of Ant, you demonstrate continual and industrious effort in mind, love, home and business. You know instinctually what the right thing to do is, and you do it. You are aware of how the littlest thing contributes to the whole, and are thankful for every effort from anyone.

The social instinct is strong and you enjoy sharing your knowledge, wisdom and experience in almost any setting. You are the master of detail and little escapes your watching eyes. You personify the Chinese adage of “Enthusiasm in those things that are small.” Content in your continual contributions to life, you usually are in good spirits.

Sometimes your vision is myopic and you become lost in the myriad influx of data or details.

In business, this is the time to cooperate in joint endeavors. You must attend to the smallest detail, and examine the smallest things that may be bothering you.

Watch irritating “bad mouthing” or gossip. It may be undermining morale and even your basic foundation. Your boat may have a number of small holes. Individually they may seem like nothing but aggregately, they may be sinking your boat. Small does matter. Small words of thoughtfulness or kindness may grease the gears of productivity.

There are probably many business details to attend to and you may fear becoming swamped in the myriad minutiae of conducting business or life.

The Sprit of Ant in love it denotes a time when many thoughts or things in your relationship may bother you. You may begin to notice little words or actions that may hurt or irritate you more than you think.

You are not “a meaningless speck in a ruthless universe.” Be careful of stinging words or gossip about you or other loved ones. Be sure you are not the source of attack thoughts or other such irritants.

A need to be industrious in attending to the little details that are necessary for the success of a relationship. Examine and discuss what is “bugging you,” or how you may be bugging another. This may be a good time to assess the direction of your relationship and make adjustments if needed.

Spirit: “Mind is the builder and creator” and “Each thought shall be as a man within your army.” Remember, “What you Think is what you see, and what you see is what you get.

In mythology, Psyche was asked to separate a huge mound of mixed seeds in a day and a night. She needed to complete this task to win back her beloved. She realized she could not accomplish the task, collapsed and began to sob. Earlier, Psyche had been kind to ( not stepping, harming or killing ) an ant. Unbeknownst to Psyche, this ant was a King of the Ants. For her kindness the King called his minions and instructed them to separate the seeds into their respective piles.

Even great tasks can be accomplished a thought at a time.

For the mathematically inclined this truth seems to be exemplified by the patterning and principals of a bell curve.

It really is just a matter of time before thoughts and events fall into a meaningful pattern.